Nothing turns off an investor more than when an entrepreneur comes in with a ridiculous valuation.

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Unlock Your Potential: Valuation and Finance Expertise for Startups and SMEs


Welcome to Maverick Finance – your trusted partner for valuation and corporate finance needs. Our mission is to transform businesses by offering innovative finance solutions to serious companies that value analytical content, integrity, and discretion in their strategic decision-making process.

We employ a unique quantitative approach that utilizes proprietary financial models and data analytics software to drive business growth and generate unique insights - enabling stakeholders to make informed financial and strategic decisions with greater visibility and confidence.

Our commitment to simplicity, transparency, and practicality, combined with a robust global network and the highest ethical standards, sets us apart as more than just advisors – we are your long-term partners for achieving growth and success.




Startup and Scaleup Valuation

Startup valuation requires specialized expertise well beyond that of traditional company valuation. We have worked with startups from many angles - as investors, CFO, Board Member and as financial advisors (M&A). Trust us to help navigate the intricacies of startup valuation, providing insights and guidance that fuel your path to success.


Private Company and SME Valuation

Discover the true value of your business with our independent and exclusive valuation services. Our customized process incorporates the most up-to-date methodologies to capture the strategic value of your business, or platform, enhancing credibility and protecting your brand's value in the marketplace.


Strategic Virtual CFO Services

Access the highest level of financial and strategic insight, optimize your financial performance and drive sustainable growth. We assume a leadership role in your business, focusing on generating long-term value for stakeholders, while helping your company prepare for capital raising initiatives with investors.


Independent Advisory Board Services

Having a finance specialist as a board member ensures access to qualified and independent opinions regarding your business's current and future state. We offer practical advice on day-to-day operations, insight regarding complex transactions, and support management teams with their most important strategic decisions.


Corporate Finance, M&A, and Capital Raising

Prepare for a successful transaction with our independent financial advisory services. We coordinate M&A and capital raising transactions from start to finish, always aiming to optimize value for our clients. Our extensive network and wealth of experience make us your ideal partner in navigating the complex M&A landscape.

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Financial Modeling and FP&A

Make data-driven decisions with confidence and gain valuable insights into your business. Our financial modeling expertise supports strategic and financial decision-making. It is a powerful tool that can be used for business plan projections, analysis of business line performance, feasibility studies, among many other applications.


Valuation Courses and Training

Master the art of business valuation and advance your career with our exclusive training approach. Whether you're a startup founder, finance professional, or investor, our courses teach advanced valuation techniques acquired in 20+ years at leading international investment banks and working with hundreds of startup and business clients.


Maverick Invest

Maverick invests proprietary funds strategically in promising Startups and SMEs with a strong investment thesis, great entrepreneurs who wish to remain in the business, scalable business models, and strong growth potential. Maverick requires a board seat and plays an active role in helping these companies achieve their long-term growth objectives.



Our Flagship Service: Maverick Madness:

Na exclusive program with three highly structured modules to get your startup ready for serious conversations with sophisticated investors and maximize your chances of a sucessful capital raise or exit


Choosing the right Financial Advice can change the course of your business!


A pro-business team that understands the urgency of clients in achieving their objectives – we avoid unnecessary bureaucracy.

Extensive Experience

20+ years offering a unique combination of expertise, practical know-how, and technology as the foundation for our specialized services.

Agility and Seniority

Exclusive advisory based on qualification and excellence in execution, with a highly agile decision-making process.

Personalized Service

Each company is unique and deserves personalized attention. Our advisory is tailored to ensure satisfaction and results.

Ethics and Transparency

Commitment to providing candid insights while maintaining complete transparency and avoiding conflicts of interest.

First-Class Networking

Direct access to our international network of investors and financial partners: private equity funds, VCs, and family offices.

Why Choose Maverick?
We adapt your business to the next level of success!


    Some of our customers

    Selected projects where our partners have advised and executed on transactions:

    CEO | Founder

    Hello, I'm Adrian Ortega, your corporate finance and valuation specialist. With over 20 years of experience in the international financial markets, my mission is to empower private business owners and startup founders by equipping them with the knowledge of finance, maximizing and protecting credibility, securing funding, and accelerating growth.

    At Maverick Finance, we combine innovative solutions with customized, agile advice to optimize your company's value and unlock its full potential.

    Adrian’s CV

    Industry Experience

    Some sectors where we have already elaborated Valuations and M&A Operations

    Auto Parts and Agricultural
    Auto Parts and Agricultural
    Cosmetics, Hygiene and Cleaning
    Cosmetics, Hygiene and Cleaning
    Sports (Gaming) and Marketing
    Sports (Gaming) and Marketing
    E-Commerce e Marketplaces
    E-Commerce e Marketplaces
    Paper And Cellulose
    Paper And Cellulose
    Industries (Miscellaneous)
    Industries (Miscellaneous)
    Shopping Center
    Shopping Center
    Retail (Miscellaneous)
    Retail (Miscellaneous)


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    Satisfied Clients


    • Chairperson
      Maverick Finance's board advisory services have really changed the dynamics for our board meetings. Their financial insights and ability to communicate complex financial matters in a simple way have greatly enhanced our strategic discussions and decision-making.
      FinTech Startup
    • Board Chair
      Having Maverick Finance as an independent board member has added immense value to our business. Their independence, objectivity, and financial knowledge have improved the quality of our strategic decision-making processes significantly.
      Board Chair
      BioTech Company
    • CEO
      With Maverick Finance acting as our Virtual CFO, our company was able to streamline its financial operations and significantly improve its financial health. Their strategic advice has been instrumental in our success and growth.
      Construction SME
    • Founder & CEO
      Maverick Finance's Virtual CFO Service is the best investment we've made for our business. The strategic financial guidance and insights they provide are invaluable, helping us navigate complex financial landscapes with ease and confidence.
      Founder & CEO
      Logistics Startup
    • CEO
      When it came to valuation, Maverick Finance surpassed our expectations. Their in-depth analysis gave us the confidence we needed to approach our investors. The process was seamless, the team was highly responsive, and the outcome was invaluable.
      EdTech Company
    • CEO
      Maverick Finance's M&A advice was crucial in securing a successful merger. Their deep market insights, exceptional negotiation skills, and vast network of contacts ensured a smooth process that resulted in a great outcome for our company.
      Manufacturing Firm
    • Co-Founder
      When we were seeking to raise capital, Maverick Finance was our first choice. Their team's expertise, combined with their incredible ability to connect us with the right financial partners, led to a successful capital raise that transformed our business.
      GreenTech Startup
    • CFO
      The valuation course offered by Maverick Finance was transformational for our financial team. The course content was comprehensive, practical, and well-delivered, significantly improving our team's ability to understand the complexities and carry out internal valuations.
      E-commerce Business
    • Head of Finance
      Maverick Finance's training course on valuation was engaging, thought provoking, and thoroughly practical. It has empowered our team with the necessary skills to analyze and make informed valuation decisions. We highly recommend their training courses.
      Head of Finance
      Digital Agency
    • Tech Startup
      Maverick Finance was instrumental in providing a comprehensive and credible valuation of our startup. Their personalized approach not only captured our unique selling points but also gave us a new perspective on our business strategy. We successfully secured funding thanks to their exceptional work.
      Tech Startup
    • CEO
      As a private company, we relied on Maverick Finance to conduct our business valuation. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and ability to articulate complex financial matters simply and clearly were remarkable. The valuation report became a critical tool for our strategic decision-making.
      Fashion SME
    • Founder
      Maverick Finance's personalized service in our valuation process was a game-changer. Their understanding of the nuances of our business combined with their deep financial expertise delivered a highly credible valuation that maximized our funding potential.
      MedTech Startup

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    São Paulo (Brazil) - Baltimore (USA) – Miami (USA) – Jackson (USA)

    +55 (11) 93218-8815

    +55 (11) 93218-8815